Daria Kamyshnikova for project "Insignificant"

Moscow Museum of Modern Art and School of Contemporary Art “Free Workshops” present Egor Plotnikov’s Insignificant exhibition within the program of support for young art MMOMA. The project contains an installation, based on paintings, frames and papier-mâché sculptures.

The Insignificant project by Egor Plotnikov continues the theme of interaction of the artwork and the space of the exhibition hall, launched by the artist in his projects “Great Stroll” and “Random Landscapes. Self-portrait”, which have been exhibited in Moscow in recent years. Using the apparent discrepancy between paintings and frames, Plotnikov creates tension, forcing the viewer to perceive a museum wall as an important part of the artwork.

The theme of interaction between art and the gallery space has been engrossing the minds of artists for more than a hundred years. Works by modernists became a catalyst for the creation of a new type of the exhibition space, White Cube, and immediately started a violent confrontation with it, creating tension between the artwork and the space or vice versa, transforming the gallery into a part of the painting plane. Yves Klein in the Void exhibition (1958) reduced the interaction to an absurdity, replacing the artwork with the gallery space itself. Further development of art finally transformed the exhibition into the message, and thus, made the gallery space and moreover the space of a museum of modern art sacred.

The Insignificant exhibition encourages the viewer to think about what Art is. Does it imply artworks, exhibited in the museum halls, or do museum walls themselves, carrying the artworks, give them additional meanings? Plotnikov puts small, fragmented, unrelated landscape paintings in large vintage frames. Thus, the artist makes the wall an accomplice of his artistic message, encourages the viewer to revalue the existing schemes of visual contact with the art.